Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn in Kansas--Stacking Up the Dead Bodies

I love fall!  Today is the first day, I believe.   I just want it to last and last until it transforms right into spring.  Unfortunately, we have to have winter in the middle of those two.

There are so many things to love about fall.  

Things like this.

                                                                And this.

                                               And the way the sun falls differently  on this.

But there is another aspect of fall that leaves much to be desired.  Growing up in Illinois, fall meant an influx of crickets to our home.  It seemed as if all of our waking hours at home in autumn there were consumed with killing and disposing of crickets.  My cousin made a game of  it by throwing them at the wall back when we were young and crazy.

Here in Kansas we have another pest.  Not really many crickets try to make it into my home. Our autumn nuisance pest is millipedes.  Our family mistakenly calls them "wireworms" because that's what they look like.  But I found out this morning on the interweb that they are officially called millipedes.  

Looks like the bodies are stacking up just like always.  Good to know that some things never change!

Happy Autumn!


  1. Can I just say . . . Eeeeeewww! I'd take crickets over those things any day.

  2. Wireworms, millipedes, whatever we call them... UGH!

    But yes, we are having some gorgeous fall weather.