Monday, November 21, 2011

Something A Mom Treasures

These were my instructions for making a lunch this morning.  Please don't make fun.  She's come so far.


  1. Oh my goodness. That is sooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that girl!!!! But I have one question??? Did she get blue bags for her doritos and 20 green grapes??? Precious beyond words.

  2. That is just precious. I love how specific she is! And I love that glimpse into your world.

    P.S. I also like your new layout--cool!

  3. Vickie-she meant the doritos IN the blue bag in the cupboard. Then she found out they were hot buffalo wings and not ranch flavor,so, no she didn't get those. But she did get 20 grapes. Ended up not eating much of her lunch because we bought her a couple burgers at the game.