Friday, November 25, 2011


I was too busy cooking, cleaning, eating, and dog sitting to take pictures yesterday. But my 13 year old grabbed the camera and took these.

Yes, my table is, well, uh, primitive.  There is a story to this but I don't feel like writing it down here right now.

              Anna made this which was a gift from her Aunt Susan.  He graced the "kids table".

                                    The "adult" table.  I guess we were the turkeys.

                            The food.  This was before the "presentation" was complete.


                      Not sure what was happening here but I'm sure neither of these folks will like their image.

Unwilling photo subjects.

                                                     Nelli, Samson, Jersey.

And if I could get a picture of the human children for a Christmas card, it WOULD be a miracle!

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