Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Spirit


I'm not sure why, but over the past several years I've struggled to get "into" the Christmas season.  But once I get the decorations out and up and the packages start rolling into my driveway via the UPS truck, I'm there.

Maybe it is all the physical work involved in each aspect of the preparations of the season.  I'm not lazy.  Well, I'm kind of lazy, but mostly I'm in pain.  

Anyway.  Here are a few things that are making me Christmas happy:

We don't open up the attic for much except Christmas around here.  It always makes me happy when I see our cat, Tigger, lay claim to the ladder.

When you first enter my house you'll see this.  My favorite thing to do is to light all of the candles around my house and enjoy the warm glow that it makes.

We normally hang our jackets on this but right now it has become another decorative thingamajig to brighten our spirits.

I love this little lady on the shelf.  My husband bought out a WillieRaye Studio collection that was selling for pennies on the dollar a few years ago.  I so love their whimsical folk artsy-ness.

We do have a fireplace but we use it for fires!  So I've gone to hanging the stockings on this antique ladder that normally holds pictures of my kids.

I love this little corner of my "great room".  Someone dear sent me that Christmas card in the frame and I love its old fashioned Christmas look.

My mantle evolves every year but I love the look of the reflection of the candles burning in the mirror.

Isn't it great that my favorite color is red?

                 When the decor is up you almost don't notice all the St. Bernard goo on the walls.

                          Nothing says Christmas like garland on the staircase, don't you think?

I bought extra candles to use for a special day at church so I'm finding ways to use them ALL over my house.

This is a cherished secluded hide away which I need to be using more than I do right now.  Maybe I'll get a good book for Christmas!

Last night was a special time for our family.  We came from all corners of Kansas and met up in a "city" to see a concert that made memories for all of us.  Our kids have literally grown up listening to Mannheim Steamroller music.  It was great to sit with them in a long row and hear their expressions of  "yes!"  when a familiar song began.  

Merry Christmas!!

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