Thursday, November 10, 2011

Too Excited To Sleep

Thursdays are my "down" day.  I'm usually tired because my Wednesdays leave me so "up" that I find it hard to get to sleep.  

Wednesday nights I get to go to worship band practice and as of the last 9 weeks I've also been going to a Bible study.  So,  I drop the kid off at youth group, go to Bible study and then spend an hour or so worshiping and jamming with some fun friends.  

By the time I drive the 3o+ minutes home my brain is pumped up from all the fun.  So I  always find it hard to "come down" and feel sleepy.  So I usually do something that stimulates my brain even more like reading, computering, or watching television and that makes it all worse.

This morning I was able to get some sweet, deep, sleep in between the loud alerts from my alarm clock shouting at me that it was time to get up.  It is amazing how great you can sleep in the ten minutes between each time you hit the snooze button!

I do have to say, too, that my husband and I have recently done a couple things in our bedroom that make it a much better experience to sleep there.

Oh!  Got your attention there, didn't I?

Settle down.  One thing I did was to get a really good pillow.  I've struggled with neck pain and just not good sleep for so long not realizing how much my pillow was affecting that.  Now, my husband can sleep anywhere, anytime at the the drop of his head to the pillow.  Or I should say, pillows.  He requires up to 3 of them most of the time.  But he's not too picky about which ones.  I'm sure he could write a blog about "why  do women need so many pretty pillows on the bed" and it wouldn't be complimentary.

Recently I bit the bullet and ordered a special pillow for myself that has been a great help in getting better sleep and less neck pain.  Let's just say that I look forward to sleeping even more than usual.

The other thing we did was so long overdue it seems silly to talk about it.  We built this house in 1996, moved in May 1997.  At that time we bought a special mattress to help me deal with pain better and we have both benefited from better sleep because of it.  But over the past several YEARS I've noticed that my side of the bed had a sink hole for some reason.  I thought our mattress was worn out but I came to realize that a certain little someone, who we imported 10 years ago, had spent an inordinate amount of time jumping from our dresser to our bed (my side) while watching TV.  I had almost forgotten that I caught her doing it once or twenty times twice. 

All this to say that last week my husband went out and bought a new box spring for our bed and it has been unreal the difference it has made.  I figure that we had probably had the old one for about 5 or more years prior to moving here so that thing was a good 20+ years old.  

PEOPLE!  Get a new box spring more than once in 20 years!  Trust me, it will change your life.

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