Friday, January 20, 2012

This Day

Here we are.  This day.  This day that I've been dreading and the hard part is over but the hardest part is just beginning.

I should have known that the day was going to be interesting.  It is so far.  But then, sometimes interesting is just what we need.

My daughter had a meltdown over her hair while getting ready for school and it became apparent that we were going to miss the bus.  So, while helping my son pack his car and thinking of the coming good-byes, I was running (well, it was me, but it resembled running) down the driveway trying to indicate to the bus driver that we wouldn't be needing his services this morning.  Did I mention that I had not yet put socks on and it was about 8 degrees here this morning?

As it turned out, missing the bus was a good thing.  We got to all pray together before the guys left and the two kids got a chance to say goodbye.  

Oh, I took my antibiotic with my prescriptions after eating breakfast and something happened that has never happened to me before.  While scurrying around helping Zach get his stuff in his car I felt my medicine burning itself UP my throat which put me into a coughing fit.  Not sure what that was about but it made yet another interesting element to the day.

With hugs and tears we said goodbye and then I realized that I had drive my kid to school.  Oh, it is 15 miles one way.  

So I went into the bathroom to wash my face and the sobbing began.  Soon I heard a little voice outside my door saying, "Mommy, are you okay?"  

I've never been so thankful for missing the bus.  It was nice to be able to open the door and have someone hold  me and let me cry on their shoulder even if I had to bend down to do it.  I'm not quite sure my daughter understands why I was crying so much, but she tried to be comforting to me.

So here I am back at home trying to decide what to do first.  You can be sure that through it all I will be praying for this guy:


  1. o linda, thinking of you today!! i cant imagine-im sure you fell like just yesterday you were raising toddlers and now they are out on their own!! thanks for reminding me to savor the moments that i feel like go on forever with these 23 little boys.

  2. Hang in there, friend. I'm sure it's an exciting opportunity that he's leaving for, so it's a GOOD thing. Right?? :)