Monday, January 23, 2012


I was going to title this "homework", but then I thought nobody would be interested in hearing me rant any more about homework, so they would pass on reading altogether.

Sometimes when my husband is away for a few or many days I am so organized and my house looks like it has a full time manager.

Other times it looks like it does right now--like someone left the dog home alone and the dog has been vacuuming but not putting away the vacuum or doing dishes or burning trash.

I really don't just do housework for my husband but my motivation seems to be very lacking when he is not here sometimes.  Then, I realize that he is coming home tonight and I want it to look welcoming and clean and I'm not sure I can catch up.

It might have something to do with the fact that I have a sinus infection and I feel "sluggish".  Also, I might just be feeling really lazy because I drove to Sabetha and home twice in less than 12 hours on Friday/Saturday and then to Manhattan and back on Saturday night.  And there might be that Lifetime movie I stayed up way too late to watch last night and then didn't watch the end because I realized that sleep was just way more worth it.

I love having a clean, neat house.  My dog doesn't help the matter and not because she leaves the vacuum out. 

What  gives you motivation to clean when you are just not "feeling it" but you want to live in clean surroundings?

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