Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Adventures, Old Stuff

Recently I decided that it was ridiculous to have all these empty bedrooms sitting around my spacious house.  We are blessed to have the room, so it is silly to waste space.

So the past couple days I have embarked upon  "the great cleaning" of my desk and "office" (read: laundry room) space.  It seems like I do this every couple years, but alas, it continues to need doing.  I had also had a complaint from my husband that all of my (non-gun related) books were filling up the antique secretary in our home office.  I will omit the fact that he works completely out of our dining room because that is another story.

Originally when we built our house we put in a desk and cabinets parallel to the washer and dryer so I would have a place to pay bills, write and ultimately to use as a sewing space.  At that time I was doing a lot of quilt making and other occasional sewing.  Fast forward through a lot of life and the sewing has been hit or miss for a few years.  

My recent achievement of finishing another quilt for my daughter made me realize that I enjoy making quilts and that I had neglected several of my other children in my gifting.  So I am on a quest to resolve that problem but the little desk I "work" on is really too small to handle quilts.  And then I had a brainstorm.

One of my adult children has neglected to sleep in his former bedroom ever since he left for college.  When he comes homes, he sleeps in the basement, by choice.  Though he can't give me a good reason for it I have come to accept that he will probably not be sleeping upstairs any time soon.  We use his room for occasional guests.

That room is light and bright all throughout the day and there is sufficient room to put a couple of large tables to lay out fabric, cut and sew.  There is also a heavy shelving unit that holds a lot of stuff.  AND I can close the door when I work on a project and no one will ever see the mess.  Perfection.  Katrina already spent all of the past weekend up there sewing a dress for herself.  

Needless to say I threw away a lot of superfluous junk, papers, etc.  I also took care of the book problem and made my own little library in the space where I used to have all of my fabric stored.  Happiness!


Cleaned up this little area for ease of folding.

I've spent a LOT of time in this little room over the years.

My new library.  Picture taken while sitting on the washing machine.

My desk the way I wish it looked every day.

My new sewing space.

Fun stuff!

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  1. Wading back into blog-land and this is a fun read. Your room is wonderful and so is the re-purposed bed room!!! Totally fun stuff!