Wednesday, February 15, 2012


There is so much talk about choice in our world today.  But I think there are a couple of choices that we forget about or at least take very much for granted.

This past Sunday we sang one of our pastor's favorite songs during worship.  In truth, it is one of my favorites too, so, the fact that he loves it always gives me a little justification for having us sing it from time to time.  It is an oldie but goodie in the world of worship music (which means it is from 2003).

The line that has been snagging in my heart's craw this morning is this:  "Every day I choose again to love You (**I will write the whole lyric at the end of this post and give proper credit to its writers).

Everyday I choose again to love You.  





The world is always dissing on God about how can He be a loving God and still let bad things happen.  And there it is.  The word is choose.  We were not made to be robots who were  programmed to do God's every bidding.  True love gives a choice.  

So I guess I've been thinking about yesterday (Valentine's Day) and how much of marriage is really choosing to love our spouses.  There are plenty of people's marriages that make it look easy, but for the most part, marriage is hard.  It is a day by day (some days hour by hour) choice to love that person.  Please don't think at this point that I am throwing condemnation at anyone who has been through a divorce, because I am not.  

If we are dusty enough humans to choose to NOT  love God who is the perfect love of our  lives we are certainly able to fall down in a human relationship.  And if, as the song states, we do have to choose each day to love God who is so worthy of our love, then how could we expect a sin-broke human to be any easier to love?

There have been far too many days that I did not choose to love in my marriage.  But when I do, it is always worth it.  It makes it the way it was meant to be.

Just like choosing to love God.


Baring all I stand here before You
All my hurts exposed
In the depths of my despair I cry out to You
Make me whole.

There is nothing I can do to make You love me more
Nothing I can do to make You love me less
I get on my knees and lift my hands to worship
And confess.

That You are the Lord God Almighty
I fall at Your feet
And I fall oceans short of Your glory
Yet You stoop down 
To make me great
Almighty God.

Every day I  choose again to love You
To keep Your word in my heart
Give it all to You now Lord I will surrender
Take every part.

Copyright 2003 Parachute Music
Words & Music by Brooke Fraser

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