Thursday, May 17, 2012


It is the last day of school here in our little part of the world.  It feels like it arrived so quickly and yet I am so ready for the early morning wake ups to suspend for a few months.  I, personally, don't mind getting up early if I've had enough sleep but it is nice to let the kid get enough.  It is good for the mood, you know.

This morning I remembered that I am going to have weekend guests so I needed to wash some sheets.  In the meantime I started removing my daughter's childhood from her wall.  In other words, removing the sweet message in wall words that she has had for quite a few years.  I am in the process of painting her room and switching it over from pink girl cute to sophisticated enough for a teen ( and so I will still like it after she leaves home).

Earlier in the week I started a project that I will highlight on here probably tomorrow.  I finished that project yesterday.

And even though school is out today, summer sports have already begun to practice so there is no rest for the weary.  Sometimes I long for the summers when my kids were little and no one cared about sports.

Tuesday I had my annual (although I hadn't been for two years) appointment with my dermatologist to make sure I'm still free of cancer of other life altering diseases.  In the restroom before I went into the reception area I almost had a panic attack.  Suddenly I wanted to call someone, anyone, and have them tell me I could do it.  I could go in there, take off most of my clothes and let a white coated male doctor look over my whole body while I worried about whether or not I might have something show up that looked "suspicious".  I mentally ran through the very short list of people I could call for some support and realized that no one could be bothered right then.

Then I realized that I had access to the Greatest Listener and told Him that I was scared and could He please give me peace in the midst the fear I was feeling.  He did.

Meanwhile, I have a daughter that moved in with her older brother for the summer and is starting a job that will keep her almost 4 hours away from home for the summer.  I also have a son who recently graduated from college and is looking for a job.  His dad and I are having trouble not giving suggestions as to what he should do and even though I know it is bugging him I almost can't help myself.  I remember so clearly coming home from my year of traveling with an LEM team.  We had driven all night to get home and in the morning my mom asked me what did I think I might do for a job.  I just wanted to sit back and breathe for a minute before I thought about it.  I had TIME.  

Now as a mom I totally see why she was anxious, but I am trying not to be as pushy about it as I want to be.

I better go back to work.  I got groceries earlier since I'll have two guests and a husband here this weekend who might actually want to eat food that takes more than a microwave to cook it.

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