Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Editing My Life

It seems that the older I get, the easier it is to "edit" my life of the unnecessary.

Call it OCD or some other disorder but the truth is, I like my life to have ORDER.  Order requires something else that is seemingly the antithesis of order.  Change.

We've  I've recently commandeered some changes in our way of living around our house to make for better order.

One of the best ways we made our house work better for us was to FINALLY shift my husband's office into his actual office.  One of the reasons that we chose this "house plan" for our house (we tweaked the entire plan and had it redrawn for us) was that it had an office right inside the front door away from all of the living spaces.

We installed custom cabinets a few years ago but it was missing enough work space for him to do his work.  As you know, we added a mere, small table and it has now changed our lives.  

A couple of weeks ago we moved two major pieces of furniture in our master to make it easier to watch TV in there.  I know, not the best place to have television but we don't have a television in our living room so this is our default family room with just the three of us here.  

The flat screen never fit in the TV cabinet so we just put up with it being on an angle for months.  Our kids made fun of us and we can't have that any more.  So we adjusted.  It just makes life more comfortable.

My kitchen is in a constant state of reorganization it seems.  Here are a couple of changes I've made in the past couple days.

I really didn't NEED six bags of plastic forks and spoons and a huge container of extra napkins for everyday use.  

I edited my back closet into strictly a utility closet a couple years ago and it already had become the home of too many extras.  If you haven't used it in 6 months or a year you are not going to use it.  Ever.  

So this morning my back hallway looked like this:

as I edited once again.

The result of editing the main office was to move our family computer to my "office" {read:  laundry room}.

Not ideal,

but it makes our lives more organized and user friendly.

The back closet now looks like this:

and my back entry looks WAY more inviting, don't you think?

P.S.  After posting these pictures, yes, I am aware that my cabinetry needs a serious deep cleaning.  But I've used all my energy for today!

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  1. I got bit by the bug too! Moved a double bed downstairs, a twin upstairs, sewing stuff into a closet . . . . still not done, but gotta quit. Heading to IL tomorrow - Becky's youngest is getting married!!!