Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Making My Deadline. . .Better Late Than Never

I did it!  I made my deadline with a day to spare.  

Well, sort of.

About 15 or so years ago I found a pattern for some Christmas stockings that I FELL IN LOVE with and have never stopped loving.  It may have even been before we moved into our house and that means that I actually moved that book of patterns with me. And then that book has been moved a few times in my house over the years.

I was always going to make them  but didn't really know how to get started.  For one thing, I wasn't sure where to get wool in the colors that I wanted.  So, if it is too hard to do easily, I don't do it.  

Then last year I decided that I was going to get it done.  No more procrastinating!  

I started to look for wool fabric and didn't have much luck.  Remember this?

So once again, my fantastic sister in law came to my rescue and introduced me to the beautiful world of wool.  She gave me samples and I chose colors.  I instructed her to buy them  at one of her quilting expos and I would pay her back.  

Well, she bought them.  But like the wonderful person she is she GAVE them to me and tried to make it seem like she owed me for letting her stay here for a few days.  She's super terrific like that. I tried to pay her but she wouldn't have it. Thanks, Susan, you are the best!

For over a year I've again been procrastinating DOING what I've dreamed of doing for 15 years prior.  OY!

So, I gave myself a deadline because I have a bunch of sewing projects that I am doing for Christmas this year.  I wanted to have the stockings done by November 1st so that I could get on to the next project.  

I not only met my deadline, but I BEAT it by ONE DAY!

Lest you think I'm some kind of super woman, that means I have one day to clean my house before I start the next project tomorrow!