Friday, March 15, 2013

The Molasses is Moving Pretty Slowly

This week has been the second in a row that I have been a virtual single parent and to be honest it has been wearing on me.  I'm tired of answering all of the questions and being the only one being loved on by my one at home.  That sounds awful but, trust me, it is valid.

Also, I am tired because I have trouble getting to sleep as a normal way of life but when I am here alone, it is worse.  I know that I am NOT alone.  One thing that keeps me going is this verse written on my bedroom wall which I can read when I am lying there alone.

But something about knowing you are the only one responsible for the safety of your lives and home is a little daunting.  My dog does go into "super security mode" when I am here alone.  She barks more and she does perimeter checks regularly which she doesn't always do when there is someone else here with me.

Probably the worst part of my being home alone this week has been my absolute lack of desire to do anything.  No motivation,  folks.

But today with the homecoming of my husband at hand I feel a little more ambitious.  The sad thing is that this lack of motivation has been ongoing for a few months now.

Usually before my kids go back to school after Christmas break I've gotten the old Christmas pictures down and the new ones up.  

Guess what I did TODAY?

Is there a phrase that means LESS motivated than "slower than molasses?

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