Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Broken

This past weekend part of our family went to Minnesota to our niece's beautiful wedding.  It was a sweet and joyful celebration of two young people who love Jesus and are pledging to live their lives together as they live and work for Him.

Today I have been "catching up" at home as we drove up Saturday, were there on Sunday and drove back on Monday.  Whew!  One of my tasks today has been practicing a song that I'm going to sing for special music this next Sunday.  I have had the supreme privilege of singing on our church's worship team for many years now and despite that I still get asked to sing special music every few months.  It is a joy for me to be able to do this since singing is like breathing to me.  The song I am preparing is about how we are all broken and only by coming to Jesus to wade into His river do we find healing.

Singing in front of people has a way of making you examine your heart like you don't have to if you just sing in the shower.

Last night when we got home it was such a relief to be back in our own home and where we are comfortable and where we can get away from each other.  Yes.  I said it.

You see, our family doesn't always do so well within the confines of a small car or a hotel room.  Hormones were flowing and changes in plans made everyone a little edgy.  Well, I'm speaking for myself here but I think we were all a little on edge. It was tense.  And intense.  And when that happens I always feel like we are the only family on earth who can't seem to be plodding along with happy faces and great attitudes.

So, I've been feeling kind of dirty and sorry and well, just sad about how I acted at times.  Words of apology were exchanged between several of us at the end of our drive and that is nice.

But it was so good to dip myself into the Word of God and be reminded that the "dew of His presence refreshes my mind and heart".  The song I'm singing Sunday says "everyone is broken and in need of Savior".
I'm broken.  But I don't have to stay there.

I'm so glad.

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