Monday, August 5, 2013

2nd Grade Revisited

Okay, so I'm sick. But not really contagious unless you are a newborn baby or a pregnant woman. 

I have "shingles" and it really stinks.  When the doctor first said that word I thought, "oh crap, that is what old people get".  But now I'm just thinking "oh, crap, this really feels awful".

I went to church yesterday because I had been taking medicine for a day and a half at that point and thought surely that I would be consistently feeling better.  Plus, we were only doing three worship songs and I figured that wouldn't take that much energy.  But I was tuckered out after our pre-service practice.

This morning I slept while my husband took daughter to weight training.  I'm supposed to go wait for the cable guy to come to my son's new place later today and I'm hoping that I feel a little more energetic by then.

Shingles is the same virus as chicken pox and last night as I went to bed early AGAIN I remember how sick I was in second grade when I had the pox.  Sure, my best friend and I got together one day while we had them and sat under her dining room table and counted each other's pox, but for most of my time having them I was under the weather.  I remember it because I had them first in our family.  Actually, my whole 2nd grade class was out with them if I remember correctly.  It all started when Randy H. nearly passed out getting off the bus. . .

My brother and sister got the pox after I was recovered and they had many more sores or pox but were happy-go-luckily playing the whole time (it seemed to me) and did not feel sick with fever or lack of energy.  

So here I am feeling like a second grader but not with that kind of energy.  Just feeling blah.   The bad thing is my calendar still has something on it most every day this week.  And I still have a house to run and a kid and a husband to feed.  

Being sick was a whole lot easier when I was in 2nd grade!

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