Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If Only My Blog Had Scratch N Sniff

Today has been about the most normal day of our summer so far.  And by normal I mean, we got up and went to weight training (I sit in the car) and now we've actually been home all morning.  Which is good.  Very, very good.

When your days are dotted with only brief periods at home it is hard to get motivated to get things done.  Well, for me, anyway.

So this morning, I have gotten things done.

Laundry has somehow piled up around here even though it seems I do it every couple of days.  Trash is being burned.  (Hey, we live in Kansas.  It is okay.)  I'm running some CLR through my dishwasher to clean it up.  Got my trash cans soaking in bleach and water out in the sun.  

And yet, somehow, there is still a funky smell in my house.  And outside my house.

Part of the outside smell is all the pollen from all the corn surrounding our home which is in FULL FORCE right now.  My itchy eyes and nose thank you, corn.

But for a few weeks now I've felt like there was kind of a dead animal smell outside.  Sometimes the funkiness creeps inside.  My dog might have something to do with that.  

She is at the groomer today to get shaved again and bathed so for at least a day or two she will smell good.  

There don't seem to be any large animal carcasses on our road or the main road that zooms by our house.  But it gives me a strange feeling.  Like maybe something died in the trees out north and we are just going to get the odor  of it for a long time.

Too bad this isn't a scratch n sniff blog or you could help me out with the identification of said smell.  But you're probably really glad that it isn't!

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  1. Linda, I remember travelling through CO and UT on our one-time 3-week vacation, and when we got out of the van for supper in Kansas, the pollen smell (which I like) and the humidity hit us like a truck! We had been away from it all for so long! Too bad your eyes are itching from the pollen; I remember those days as a teenager; it's terrible! As for the scratch n sniff, I'll pass!