Monday, October 20, 2014

Feast instead of Snacks

Recently I was inspired to reread a book which had made a huge impact on me and my thinking.  I have started to reread it although I need to finish a historical book that I'm almost done reading.  Then I saw a post by someone on social media that reminded me yet again of the author of the book.  So I went to youtube and watched several of the talks that this author gave which inspired me further.

One of the things she spoke about was that her conversion to Christianity came about because she threw herself into reading the Bible over and over again.  She stated that it was through reading large portions of scripture that her life was transformed.  Then she made a statement that rang true for me.  She said, "don't read the Bible in small phrases like it is a horoscope."  

I love reading the devotional book that I have been using for a while now.  But it gives two or three scriptures to look up and read and that's it.  I had been feeling exactly like I was using the Bible as a horoscope--reading the verses and feeling as though it was the prescription for the day ahead.  

Something I have been learning is that hearing and reading the truth of the Word of God is so cleansing and sanctifying.  That's a big word for life changing.  If I only get a taste of something it doesn't really change me.  But if I feast on something it can be life altering.

So I am challenged to start reading bigger portions of scripture on which to feast so that God's Word can sanctify me more and more.  It is truly more satisfying to do so that it is to snack on random verses.  

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