Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday Update on Adam

This morning I got to go to church and be a part of worship and it was so nice.

While I was at church I told everyone who asked about Adam that he is doing better and little by little we are gaining.  Then I got a text from Craig.

Today did not go so well for Adam.  Something is not right with his original drain and I won't go into detail because I want to spare my son from the intimate things of his life being online apart from his own choosing to  put it out there.  But something is not right.  So they will be doing yet another CT scan most likely tomorrow to try to sort it out.

Craig and I will also be switching back this week also at some point.  The truth is none of us want to be in Kansas City.  Not Craig, not me and certainly not Adam.  We are over it.  But we don't get to choose the path we are on right now, least of all Adam who has had to deal with more than either of the two of us.  Honestly, our whole family needs the prayers of anyone who is willing to stand in that gap for us.  This experience is draining and exhausting for all of us.  It has truly given me a new appreciation for people who are also going through a long hospitalization or illness with a family member.

Please pray that the doctors can find the problem with what seems to be some kind of blockage keeping Adam from being able to keep liquids down and which is causing reflux.

Thank you to everyone who is bearing us up and loving us through this.  We appreciate more than you know.

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