Thursday, September 3, 2015

Take A Look, It's In A Book

Reading takes us to worlds we have never imagined.  I've always loved a good book that will take you somewhere that you could not go outside of your imagination--history, autobiography, fiction, even fantasy, surprisingly.

I never thought I would be a person who would enjoy a fantasy/science fiction book but when I read the trilogy of RED, BLACK, and WHITE I fell in love with the writing style of Ted Dekker.  He has written dozens of books and I have read many but certainly not a majority of his writings.  Usually they are intense with stories that you cannot put down. A couple of his books have been too much for me and I wish I hadn't read them.  For instance, there was a follow up/prequel (that alone was hard to understand) to the Trilogy called GREEN that I didn't enjoy AT ALL.  But that doesn't diminish Ted's skill as a writer.  He can write a thriller that will keep you breathless and not able to put the book down until you are finished. 

It has been a few years since I have read anything that was written by Dekker.  A couple years ago I discovered the wonder of audio books.  It started with a desire to help my daughter who struggles with reading and enjoying it.  I was reading books to her myself to help her comprehension but I would get sleepy and start yawning and my voice would tire.  Then I decided to look into audio books.  Since I have a membership with Amazon Prime I decided to try for her.  It has helped stories in good books to come alive for her in a way that I could not have done.  But I got hooked too.  

I bought a few books on CD to have in my car for long drives alone and thoroughly enjoyed them.  Book Radio used to be a favorite of mine on XM radio in my car while driving but for some unknown reason XM took them off their repertoire.  Having really enjoyed getting to listen to new and interesting books and stories in the car and at home I really missed it when it was gone.

About a year and a half ago I finally left the stone age of technology and got my first smart phone.  Suddenly, I could take my love of reading with me in the form of an audible app.  I love it!

I "purchased" the book A.D. 30 a few months ago and didn't start "reading" (listening to) it until a long time after.  The first 10 or so chapters were good but didn't have me hooked, so to speak. I think I had too much on my mind to truly enjoy it.  But then one day while I was sewing I played the book again and really got into the story more deeply.  I feel like it is the best Ted Dekker book I have ever read and I am not alone.  If you go to some of the reviews on the book other people think so as well.

It is the story of a woman from Arabia whose life fascinatingly intersects with a man she is introduced to as a mystic whose name is Yeshua, or as we know Him, Jesus.  I'm still listening to the book and I truly don't want it to end which is what a good book does when it captures your imagination.  

I would highly recommend you read this book.  Or better yet, LISTEN to it on audible.  The woman who "reads" the book (which is really more of a dramatic performance) is part of what is making this book so intriguing as she truly feels like the voice of the character whom she is portraying.  

This morning I looked online to see what new books I have missed by Ted and I see that he has a sequel to this book  that is coming out in October called A.D. 33.  My heart leapt with joy to see this.  

If you haven't had a true adventure for a while, whether in real life or through reading, take a look in a good book!

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