Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We've Been Crafting

Finally, I have a blog post that isn't about the trials and tribulations of the past year!  Aren't you excited!?!?!?

We've been doing some things here since the new year started and I have some exciting news coming up but not ready to share it quite yet.  You'll have to come back and check to see what it is.

The first thing we did was make a new headboard for the bed in Nathan's old room.

I bought an old door from a local treasure place several years ago with the intent to make a new headboard for the bed in Nathan's room  A while back we got queen size beds in all the rooms where the kids have moved out (which means we have great accommodations for friends and family when they visit) so the bed didn't fit the headboard anymore.  We gave Adam the headboard from this room for his extra bedroom at his house after Christmas so we needed to replace it.  Oh, and I DID get new pillows so it looks a little better now than it does in this picture.

So we (and by we I mean Craig) made this awesome headboard .  It isn't attached to the bed yet so this picture is still a little unfinished.  But I love the look and love the paint after we started out with the WRONG color.  This one works great.

I've also been quilting pretty seriously since the holidays.   I made this little table topper that I will use NEXT winter since I finished it after the weather already started to get nice.

It was fun to make since I love to do hand work.

Another fun project for me was to make a baby quilt for friends of Adam's. Their little girl was born just before the end of 2015.  Here is the quilt I made for her in her room's colors.

The next project has been several months in the making only because I was scared to start on the painting.  I saw this project on Pinterest and wanted to make it SO badly. Because my husband rocks and can make ANYTHING he put the wood together for me and stained it.  Then I aged it with blue and green milk paint like the original person did per their instructions.  But painting the wording was going to be difficult because I didn't have access to the fonts that she did.  So again my husband came to the rescue and went to someone he knew who paints signs locally and she made a stencil for me.  I didn't really stencil the letters on but painted them in with chalk paint from Walmart that I found in the craft section.  I LOVE how it turned out and it is now up on our mantel where it belongs

I'm working on another quilt right now but I will post that when it is finished.  I've been needing to do something to be active since my life changed greatly after Adam moved back to his house.  I struggled with depression and wondering what to do with my life (we don't have grandchildren WINK WINK).

Thanks for putting up with all my postings.  I'm having fun being creative again!

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