Wednesday, April 13, 2016

All Kinds of Crazy!

We are dealing with all kinds of crazy at our house this week.  Somehow, though, that is how we Polsons seem to operate most efficiently.

If you follow me on social media you know that we got two adorable St. Bernard puppies on Monday which we are so excited about.  They are just about the cutest things ever and have done pretty well at acclimating to our hectic week.  The first night we were up with them several times to take them out to potty but last night they were better and learned that after going out they had to be quiet and either sleep or cuddle with each other in their crate. They already follow me wherever I go so I guess I have achieved full mama status.

Murphy &  Berkley when I went to "choose" them.

I'm sure my blog and social media will have more puppy pictures than anyone else can handle.  Sorry, not sorry!

We also have a MAJOR construction project going on at our house.  They are repairing our foundation and basement walls to stop the leaking when it rains.  You can't imagine what a huge job this has been.  It looks ugly and our house is in total disarray because of it.  These pictures don't really do it justice.  They have pounded out a hole in our basement floor to put in a sump pump for future flooding.  Outside, they have dug a 12+ foot deep by 40 foot long trench and are waterproofing where a joint in the concrete was made where there should have been a continual pour.  I can't take the puppies out back because of piles of dirt 6 feet tall and the huge hole just outside our back door.  There is plastic taped to my kitchen floor and basement stairs which is nice, but it makes it a little messy for taking care of pups.  It will be great when they are done and gone.  Thankful they can do it, though.

Recently, Anna was in her school play which was a silly little tale set in the 60's.  She played an old granny woman and had lots of fun.

This next weekend is her first prom so she has been decorating for it and I will have to go decorate for Post Prom tomorrow and Friday.  She also has track practice every night after school and had her first softball practice last Sunday night for summer ball coming up.

Our kids were all home last weekend as well as our nephew and his new wife.  We went bowling together Saturday night and had so much fum.

Nathan and Ruth (our nephew's wife) take a turn

Elizabeth (Nathan's girlfriend) and Anna

Zach, Adam, Josh, Katrina, Ruth


If you love dogs keep coming back for pictures of my cuties!

Berkley & Katrina

Murphy and Me

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