Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What a Week!

Whew!  Life around here has been like a cyclone this past week.

Let's recap:

Last week we got 2 puppies, had major construction work done on our basement, our daughter had her first prom.

Life with the puppies is going well--we have good days and we have bad days when it comes to potty training.  I just try to take it in stride and know that one day they will grow up enough to be able to hold it a little longer.  Most of the training is for ME and making a good routine for them to depend on so they can succeed.
 Berkley likes to sleep with her head like this for some reason.

Murphy tends to love to hang over a leg of the table.
 But mostly they just like to sleep.....

But most of the awake time is like a puppy WWE wrestling match.

The construction was nuts!  The men were here Monday through Thursday digging a huge trench behind my house to the bottom of our basement wall, They fixed the problem but they were here each day for very long hours and in and out of my house with dirty shoes, wheel barrows, cement, power tools, etc.  Wednesday night they were here until 9 p.m.  Craig was gone Wednesday through Friday so I was on my own taking care of the pups, keeping up with Anna and trying not to go crazy with all of the mess. It is all fixed now but we have had a ton of rain this week so now I have a muddy, pond-like mess in the place where it is most natural to take my girls out to play and do their business.

After some of the digging.  That's a man standing in the hole.

New egress window.

One of the new window wells, rubber flashing, waterproofing foam, rock, dirt.
Another window well.

Outside my eating nook window.

Our formerly beautiful patio.

Outside my eating nook.

Former patio 

The prom was held on what turned out to be a beautiful evening.  The kids took pictures next to a pond by a church in town and it was a beautiful setting.  Most importantly my girl had lots of fun and enjoyed herself after a hectic week of preparations by her class each evening after track practice.  Thank goodness there are only 21 days of school left!  Then she can start on her crazy summer before her senior year.  Here we go!
Great girls!
Group that rode our church bus to arrive.

Walking in with their group.

My sweet girl.

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