Monday, December 5, 2016

Real Life Is Messy

Today I looked at blogger for the first time in months. I haven't read a blog or written a post for so long. Right now, December 4th, I am looking at heaps of laundry, Christmas decorations half done strewn across the house, Christmas cards that need addressing/sending, and a very dirty floor pretty much all throughout my house.  On top of that there are just the every day and even some extraordinary stressors beating on my hearts door.  

As I was perusing the blogs that I used to read almost daily and enjoy looking at occasionally now it kind of made me sick. Everyone is posting how to decorate this or that for Christmas, showing beautifully decorated rooms and blogging Bible studies themed for Advent.

This post is not about any of the themes of the preceeding paragraph.  I'm feeling real life today and it is messy!  Not just tangibly but in my soul. Things that shouldn't be happening are happening and life feels kind of overwhelming.

Yesterday our sermon at church was about the unexpected.  All of December our sermons are going to be about expectations, but I'll confess, I didn't see the theme of dealing with the unexpected coming.  We've had arguments and unwelcome surprises this week in our home.  We've had to make changes in work schedules and family get together schedules.  I feel like an old pinball machine that is stuck on tilt.  

But this morning in my soul I felt peace. A word of encouragement on a cousin's social media,  a chastising word from Jesus in my Bible reading and just the Presence of Jesus in my life is giving me peace.  

If you are looking for decor perfection or life instructions don't come to my blog.  But if you want to know where to go to find true peace I can point you there---Jesus.

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