Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer and a Family/Puppy Update

Well, I'm sure like everywhere else, it is HOT HOT HOT  in the land of Ahs.

That's because it's summer!

We've been baking for about 2 weeks now in the upper 90s and 100 degree range.  Good thing we had tons of rain in May!  We could actually use some rain now but haven't been able to "cook" anything up so far.

So, it's hot.  This morning before 10 o'clock my pups have already been in their pool to get completely wet and then come into the house to be cool.  I dry them with a towel and then they lay in front of a fan and/or on an AC vent to get dry and cool.

I think they are prepubescent.  They are getting a little less obedient at times but not bad.  They are truly really good puppies.  They got a little rowdy in the kitchen after they came in from swimming this morning.  I guess nobody can sleep all day long and not get antsy.

M & B are growing like weeds in the hot sun.  I'm kind of sad at how fast they are growing even though I knew it would happen.  They are just the cutest puppies ever when they are small and I miss it now that they are getting bigger.  They are medium size dogs now.  When I try to imagine how big they are going to get it makes me sad because they won't be puppies anymore.  But it makes me happy because I love big dogs and when they are grown they truly do just lie around doing nothing all day and don't get into much.

Katrina is finally enjoying her time in Alaska.  The first two weeks she was so homesick that she wanted to come home.  Thankfully, we got over that hump and she is doing better.  She worked it out with her employer to get  a couple days off each week which helps her to recharge her introverted batteries.

Anna is about to have her first summer job and she is so excited.  It isn't all put together yet but it will be good for her and she will stay busy, which she likes.  She gets bored being here with me while I am just hanging out with the dogs, sewing, cleaning, and working the landscape. She loves structure and misses being in school which gives her that.

Adam is doing great and we see him from time to time when he comes over to see the pups, mow Grandma's yard and at church on Sundays.

Zach is working hard at his job and has been home a couple times in the past month.  He works every other Saturday so that makes weekends less likely to come the hour trip this direction.

Nathan has been working on so many projects at work that had hard deadlines for graduation parties, etc and I think he has finally gotten to slow down a bit. He also has come home a couple of times to see the pups which has been so nice.  It is not a fun trip from Wichita to here but he has graciously done it.

Craig has been swamped with work ever since it started raining and hailing in the spring.  He never seems to take a break even when he is home except for doing things around the farm or house that he feels need doing.  The heat is getting to him since he walks in fields counting up losses for farmers on a daily basis.

Anna and Berkley

Adam and Berkley

Zach and Murphy

Nathan with Murphy and Zach with Berkley

Anna with Berkley and Katrina with Murphy (this picture makes B look exceptionally largeer which she is not)

Because, you know, it's all about the puppies and the kids!!!!!

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