Monday, November 16, 2009

Snow Day In November..........Before Thanksgiving?

Here I am on a Monday morning just catching up on my email,  blogs, facebook, news sources, etc, and it is snowing.  SNOWING.  Snowing on November 16th in Kansas!  

My kids got on the bus about 40 minutes ago and it was flurries in the air.  Now the ground is white and my husband just told me that they are cancelling schools everywhere around here.  

November 16th!  Did I mention that?

It is pretty and the wind is not blowing YET but I was SO not prepared for snow here in Kansas in mid November.  Did I mention that it is November 16th??????

My St. Bernard loves this weather even though it took her a minute to remember that this is her time. She hesitated to go out at first because, well, because she is a big scaredy dog (not sure that is even a word).  I tried to get a picture of her when she came in covered in big fluffy snowflakes but alas she is very camera shy.  

So, instead you will get these:

I am so not ready for this!  Winter is my least favorite time of the year but we are usually fortunate  to have a shorter winter since we border on the south.  So much for that this year.  

Guess I better gear up for my kids to possibly be coming home and one wanting to bundle up to go outside (curses!).

Oh, and in case you think you might want to perpetrate some kind of crime around my house because my dog is chicken, I'll tell you what I tell repairmen and solicitors:  She won't hurt you UNLESS you try to hurt me or one of my family members.  Then it is:   KUJO LIVES.

Happy Early Winter!


  1. You forgot to mention that it is November 16th and two days ago it was in the 60's! :) My dad always said, if you don't like the weather in Kansas, wait an hour.