Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The End Of An Era

Spring has apparently sprung although the first day here was covered in snow.  This is a scene we are all too familiar with here in the Land of Ahs.  

But today.  Today felt more like spring even though it only took about three days for it to happen.

With the arrival of some sun and warmer air comes the desire to get things done outside.  I hung laundry outside today.  My husband is taking the next two weeks off to stay home and hopefully work on a project that I will blog about if and when it ever actually happens.  We're waiting for a contractor so don't hold your breath waiting for that post.

So here we are with a whole day of lovely weather looking at us.  I would say approximately 3 or 4 larger projects were begun with approximately none of them finished.  Welcome to my world of living with a house full of walking ADD commercials.

A couple months ago I mentioned that I would like Craig to build a closet in the garage since I had cleaned and organized our back entry closet to be somewhat of a supply central.  I told him I was going to blog about it the day he started.  But the project has taken, hmmm, more time than we thought to complete although it is close, very close.  Naturally if it is something my dear hubby makes it will be bigger and in his mind better than I originally asked him for so here we are with this behemoth waiting to be finished and put into place.

I'm not really complaining but it would be nice to put the clothes into the closet and to be able to park our other car in the garage.  Just saying.

Another project that was begun today was that of vacuuming gravel from the edges of the driveway where the snowplowing pushed it during the year of living on the tundra.  Again, not finished but he asked Anna to take over after school.  It will take a long time.

You might be thinking 'why doesn't she help with this stuff?'  Well, I have been helping in one way or another all day.  Like when I had to go pick up hubby when he got stuck at the other place while doing an errand for one of the chores to be done.  I think it had something to do with unloading some trees that Craig went to get in Wichita yesterday.
In fact, I even rode in the bucket of that tractor to steady those trees as we unloaded them.  Though I am a lifer when it comes to farming this is not something I do often.  Craig has never let me near his tractors much.  Actually, I never minded driving the big cushy ones but this is the only one we have left.  I did drive it but it always makes me nervous to follow my husband's hand signals which don't always match his verbal communication. ( I just had a flashback of a horrible memory of pulling him with this same little tractor while he was trying to jump start his huge combine.  We were tethered together and his monster implement started sliding down the hill toward me on the open tractor.  I think that is why I have stayed away from them all these years.  If I recall, in that incident the problem was also a misunderstanding of hand signals.  There really should be an international sign for keep going that doesn't look like stop.)

The primary job that was begun today (but, again, not finished because the trees needed to get set out) was one of dismantling our kids' "skyfort" that we have had at two houses over close to 20 years.  The old beast has been kind of looking unsafe so we decided it needed to go.  No one has truly played on it for a long time.  There are a few old trees that need to come down back there so she's going to take a ride over to the old feedlot.

I know I should feel sad about it leaving but right after part of it came down our yard looked so much bigger.  It is very probable that there will be some sadness about the old fort leaving the yard but most likely it will not be my sadness.

Good bye sky fort.  Your leaving is truly the end of an era.  

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  1. Linda, This post brings perspective for this mommy in the middle of the toddler years... we are currently beginning to build our "skyfort." Thanks for sharing.