Thursday, March 25, 2010

It Sounds Like Someone Is Tearing My House Apart. Oh, Wait, They Are!

In 1996 we happily started to dig the basement for our long dreamed of house.  By May  of 1997 we moved in. Actually, if  I remember correctly, on the last day of school we took all of our beds to the "new house" and slept there.  After that the moving of all of our stuff began the 5 mile trek.   We just wanted to BE THERE.

For most of these 13 years of living here we have had some kind of water problem or another.  We waited 7 years to get carpet in our basement because of constant flooding.  That was just one of our problems.

After a few years of living here a saga began in which for no particular reason we would have a sudden "leak," or so we thought, which happened with no certain regularity.  Our family should own stock in carpet cleaning machines with all the water sucking we have done with them.  Oh, sorry, back to the point.

I think it was about 3 years ago that we discovered that our problem was not leaking so much as a major construction issue.  The glue that was used in ALL of our house's plumbing was a defective batch.  Therefore, all of the joints in our plumbing that were connected with that glue were faulty and would eventually give way without any notice. Going away for a trip has been an anxious thing these many years. We have about 6 places in our basement ceiling which have "cut outs" where leaks have occurred at one point or another.  We've been trying to get the builder to repair the problem which of course would be paid for by their insurance since it was the fault of a product.

But, alas, it has taken lo these 3 years to get them off their butts (sorry) and do the job.

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!  I've tried not to be negative but it has taken so long to get anything done that I decided to just assume that it wouldn't happen so that in the event that it did I would be so pleasantly surprised and glad. Okay, breathe.

They will be putting in all new plumbing in our house.  Yes, it is as big as it sounds.  Some of the perks that will happen because of this (which we will pay for) are getting new faucets in all of the sinks and showers that haven't already been replaced.  I am also hoping for a new floor in our master bath to replace the carpet (ewwwwwww that was a bad choice) and to remove the tub/shower combo and put in a tile shower only since we never use the tub.  Also, we are having can lighting put in the basement since they are removing the ceiling anyway.  Let's just say we made some poor lighting choices 13 years ago too.

Isn't it amazing how much of our daily lives revolves around water?  I did mountains of laundry the last couple days and ran my dishwasher late last night in preparation of the lack of water today.  We filled a few containers to use for toilet flushing (ewwww sorry)  and I washed my romaine for my lunch salad and then the water was off.  Now I am hearing the sounds of banging and cutting and pretty much destruction in our basement as the job begins. 

 It is a beautiful sound.

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